2018年12月31日 星期一

155a From 黃(Huang) To 黄(Ou) (I)

This story follows 146a & 146b "The Forbidden Zone":

Previous stories:
134 "No Huang Left"
137 "Search For Imperfection"

    Before the event "You Raise Myself Up"(YRMU), Mei-Xian was such a perfect and elegant Taoist lady. However, that was just because her Huang had not been manifested significantly and her Li dominated her property. After the event, to her surprise, Mei-Xian found that her "Huang" was still can be activated. And she also realized that it wasn't her Li drove her to dislike her Huang-- just her Huang did that. Her Huang let her to wish herself to be perfect and glorious, and it made Mei-Xian to consider her own Huang as the inferior portion of her. Mei-Xian didn't hate her internal conflict, she wanted herself to experience and then love everything of her. After the event YRMU, normally she was in such a condition:

    Her Li and Huang were forming the Taichi of her together, and she tried her best to mix up them. However, despite a little Li went to Huang and a little Huang had been welcomed to Li, her Li-Huang Taichi still almost got cracked on the boundary between Li and Huang. Her Huang made her parts more earthly and carnal while her Li made her parts more pure and celestial. On the other hand, her Christian torso (https://taoyundao.blogspot.com/2014/05/009-freedom-with-internal-conflict.html) didn't sit and wait, it blamed Mei-Xian's Taoistic head and limbs for heresy. Thus, her "Huang" parts felt uneasy to get along with her "Li" parts, and her torso didn't want to be one with her other Taoistic parts. Furthermore, the left spiritual power from her ex-husband still resided in her central body, it often inspected and influenced Mei-Xian's central body stealthily.

    Such a horrible condition gave Mei-Xian the trial together with a lot of pain, but Mei-Xian enjoyed that pain. To get herself onto the Way(道, Tao), she had to learn from real things, not just by reading books. Mei-Xian treasured her "bad things" which give her the chance to advance.

    However, when Jin Chyo-Yue appeared, she took away all properties of Mei-Xian's Huang without any obstruction since she was just the one who gave Mei-Xian her Huang. Mei-Xian's Huang had been frozen, it became totally obedient to property from Mei-Xian's Li and worked like a machine.

    Mei-Xian became truly perfect, but it's really meaningless to her.


2018年10月25日 星期四

719 Tree Of Life

About flying-head monsters(FHM), please read

    Seina is a flying-head monster girl. Once she obtained a mysterious seed, and she tried to plant it in her body. Finally, a magical tree grew up and came out of her neck.

    Seina prides herself on that tree. She shows the tree to her boyfriend.

    The magical tree doesn't obstruct Seina for coming back to her body. It can adjust the configuration of Seina's internal things for keeping Seina always in her best condition. It's actually the tree of life.

2018年10月24日 星期三

X05 Dating Black Cat

    It's a hot day. When Black Cat is walking on the street, she feels like she's getting melted down.

    Black Cat arrives the meeting place, but the person hasn't gone there. "Geez! He's late!" Black Cat is a bit annoyed.

    Finally Black Cat meets the person. They are going to take a train ride. In the railway platform, Black Cat speaks to the person: "Please don't be late anymore, can you?"

    The person promises Black Cat not to be late again. Black Cat stares at the person, "Really? Fine, I believe you."

    Black Cat links her arm with the person's, they are enjoying their wonderful time together.

2018年10月23日 星期二

319 Legfly

About heterogeneous magical beings, please read

    Ayumi's but can become buttfly, and her other parts envy her butt. Now, her left leg also gets the way to become the legfly.

    If Ayumi wears a ballet flat on her left foot that makes her feet look like a fairy's feet when she's sleeping, her left leg may get the chance to transform. It will look for one of Ayumi's dolls and try to convert the doll to be its upper body. If it can find one, then it will transform itself as the legfly.

    And Ayumi is still sleeping :p

2018年10月22日 星期一

X04 The Forever Love Seeker

The Cruising Comet 巡遊彗星

I cruise around the universe, I have seen everything, except your heart. Where is it?
私は宇宙の周りを巡航し、私はあなたの心を除いてすべてを見ました。 それはどこにある?

The Running Meteor 狂奔流星

I love you, I run after you, I catch you, I burn you with my love.

The Loneliest Torso 孤獨軀體

Without the head, without arms, broken and abandoned, exists in the loneliest way.

2018年10月21日 星期日

619 Virtual Idol

About pseudo fairies, please read:

    Hue-An is a mature office lady, she's pretty and modest. However, she has a secret. She is actually a little in her heart. The most famous virtual singer is her idol, and she doesn't let anyone know, except her best friend, Miao-Miao.

    Today, Hue-An and Miao-Miao practices yoga together. Hue-An tells Miao-Miao that she can do a special thing on herself, and she will show that to Miao-Miao.

    Hue-An sits on a chair, suddenly she stands up... Well, more precisely, her head stands up.

    "Miao-Miao, you see, I can make myself to be the one I want myself to be!"

    "Wow! It's amazing! But... Your face is still the original one, isn't it?"

    "Um... Honestly, I don't regard it as my face right now. It's my mask..."

    "Okay, then, why do you wear your original face as your mask?"

    "Cuz it's so embarrassing to show my new face! You will know the one whom I always want myself to be."

    "Well, though I already know. Isn't she the virtual singer that you love? I know..."

    "Hey! Stop! Don't speak that out! > <"

2018年10月20日 星期六

X03 The For Elements Of Taoyundao

The Earth

The Water

The Flame

The Wind

2018年10月17日 星期三

X02 Imaginable Taoyundao Surreal Beings

The Headless Queen
Living in the Hell, she doesn't need any head.

Ruler Of Monsters
I rule all monsters, for the Heaven's sake.

The Giant Walking Snake
Walking through the land of misery, I tramples hostile beings and swallows poor souls, never stop.

The Running Meteor
Be careful, she's running after you!

The Strangest Ghost
Don't be afraid of me. Will be nice to you.

The Laughing Witch
I am laughing, my right leg is laughing, my left leg is laughing. We are laughing.

The Living Paint
She lives in the paint, and her parts live in the paint in the paint.

The Self Pet
Pet whom? Pet yourself!

2018年10月14日 星期日

X01 Crazy Taoyundao Legs Party

    Let's throw a fantastic party just for amazing Taoyundao legs! Do you know who own those magical legs?

    Well, here is the answer. ;)

    Have you guessed it right?

2018年10月12日 星期五

154 The Dream Of Being A Normal Girl

About Tamako, please read

    Tamako, once had ever been an evil witch, now is one of Black Cat's family members. With her floating pseudo head, Tamako can enjoy her happy life. However, she still has a minor wish: How about being a normal girl?

    Yes, a normal girl, no need to be special. Wearing often-seen clothes, pants and ballet flats, owning an average body (not too sexy, a bit chubby and a bit short is fine), having a plain and round face. Pseudo head turns to be the true head, and it had been set on the neck firmly, no need to be smart. Yeah, that's right, common head, common body, common clothes, common pants, common shoes, common face, common brain. Everything of Tamako is so common, and Tamako is a common girl.

    But this is just a dream.

2018年10月10日 星期三

153 Can You Fix Me

About witch Black Cat and Black "Robocat":

    Black Cat is trying the new form of her existence delightedly, and she also develops several variations of her robotic self. Furthermore, she even keeps her robotic self when she turns herself back to Huang Ru-Jun, her "common girl" version. Unlike Black Cat, Huang Ru-Jun is very pure, moral and religious, she can't enjoy that different property of herself; having a robotic body is very embarrassing to Huang Ru-Jun (and Black Cat somehow likes to put Huang Ju-Jun to be embarrassed since she doesn't like the idea that her true identity is Huang Ru-Jun, see
 https://taoyundao.blogspot.com/2017/02/126-encounter-her-true-self-about-black.html and

    It's a Trinity Sunday such that Huang Ru-Jun has no choice, she must go to church with her robotic body. Because it's the power of heathen witchcraft made her body to be in such a condition, her body works wrongly during the Christian worship. Huang Ru-Jun's faithful belief encounters the operating of her robotic body driven by Black Cat's power.

    Huang Ru-Jun complains to her best friend, Ayase. She opens the abdomen panel to reveal the internal of her robotic body to Ayase.

    "See? That bad girl Black Cat leaves such a freak body to me, and it affects me in worshiping and believing in the Lord! Ayase, can you impose your holy and faithful power upon my body? I need you to fix me! >_<"

2018年10月8日 星期一

B02 The Flame Of Desire

*Pics first manipulated by caja88*
About Ingrid, please refer to

    Ingrid knows that Abel likes her in slimmer figure despite he hasn't told her. That makes Ingrid to thirst for modifying her own body. She really wants Abel to love her more.

    As a taoist, it's not a proper wish for Ingrid, but a free taoist also doesn't forbid herself/himself to have desires of her/his nature. Therefore, Ingrid's body changes its figure when the head tells the body what she shall desire to.

    A blue flame comes out from Ingrid's headless body, it's the flame of desire. The flame will burn Ingrid's ego. Being a taoist, if Ingrid can overcome her internal flame, she may get the Way.

    But she also may be lost because of such experiences...

2018年10月4日 星期四

152 Black Robocat

About witch Black Cat and zombie Akagi:

    Those most mighty witches even can alter property of their own existences, and Black Cat is one of them. She is trying her biggest adventure on exploring the edge of possibility about herself. Today, Black Cat will "reconstruct" the existence of herself as a pseudo-robot. She wants to catch the feeling of being a robot girl.

    To accomplish this, Black Cat has to borrow Akagi's "golden brain". First she let Akagi to learn knowledge of robot engineering such that Akagi can be the consultant when Black Cat resets herself part by part and assembles transformed parts as a robot.

    Finally Black Cat makes it together with Akagi. Now she even can access the internet directly or reprogram her mind. Black Cat sets Akagi as her master at first. She wants to know the feeling of being owned, and Akigi is the one who will never betray Black Cat (she is a zombie, and her parts are operated by Black Cat's core).

    Black Cat is enjoying her new self. A true witch will never stop exploring.

2018年10月2日 星期二

151 What Are You Doing

Witch Black Cat and her little partners:

    Usually Alisa & Siren get along very well with each other, but they still may quarrel on occasion.

    Today, Siren (right leg, the well-behaved one) finally got angered because naughty Alisa deleted all data kept in her phone. She runs after Alisa and hits her. Alisa cries and shouts: "Excuse! I didn't mean it!"

    The quarrel between Black Cat's two parts gets Black Cat disturbed. She feels that herself is messed up, and the helpless Black Cat shouts: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Aren't we a graceful lady? Stop!"

2018年9月30日 星期日

B01 The American Taoist

*Pics first manipulated by caja88*

    Ingrid had begun going out with Abel since several months ago. Abel is a devout christian, and he asked Ingrid to profess his religion. He brought Ingrid to his church, and Ingrid finally got baptized there. Abel was very glad about that; however, he never understood Ingrid enough.

    Ingrid is actually a Taoist (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taoism). Tasoists will forever pursue the Way; besides that, they won't reject anything. They try their best to build the absolute freedom inside themselves in the cause of keeping their eternal great egos (a taoist's ego will never be confined in her/his self). So, even Ingrid had been baptized and became a christian, she is still a taoist. Every time when Ingrid came home from the church, she would revive "the Tao" of her.

    She will take off her head which had been filled with christian beliefs and sit in meditation. Her essence will be embodied into a celestial fairy, and it will reorganize Ingrid's internal properties, such as mind, affections, desires, personality and deeper things. The celestial fairy is a metaphysical being, it doesn't have emotions or motivations and just follows it's nature to work. The christian beliefs and self-identification are only kept in Ingrid's brain and isolated from Ingrid's great ego.

    When Ingrid has been reintegrated, her brain may tell her "as a christian, I shall or shall not do this or that", and she will follow the instructions to act, but not directly controlled by the brain. Her brain knows that she isn't truly a christian even the brain regards herself as a christian, but it's fine to Ingrid since the brain directly access the heart and emotionless. In such a way, Ingrid always can be a taoist while her brain considers herself as a christian.

    True taoists are always free, even they seem not to be free.

2018年7月28日 星期六

150 Happy Birthday

About "the reformed Saint" Jin Chyo-Yue, please refer to
Previous story of Jin Chyo-Yue:

    In Taoyundao, there is a notorious haunted house. A ferocious ghost inhabits there, he will curse and attack anyone who enters the house. Many intruders were killed by him.

    One day, the ghost senses that someone is coming into that house. He appears and goes to attack the intruder. To his surprise, he doesn't see that one- just a pair of female legs stand in front of him. The ghost gets stunned.

    "Hello, nice to meet you." The ghost hears a female voice. "My name is Jin Chyo-Yue. I came here because of your tremendous sadness. Poor boy, you trapped yourself here because of your miserable experience about your life... Okay, I will try my best for healing your soul. Let's get it started."

    The legs start to absorb spiritual aura emitted from the ghost, then a cake gets embodied amazingly above the legs. "Humm... I see, I see. Okay, my legs are good at sensing wounds on others' hearts. So, that cake is the cause of your sadness, right? Would you like to tell me your story?"

      The ghost suddenly shouts with pain, then he turns to cry loudly. Later, he tells Chyo-Yue about his story. His name was Thomas. He was a neet when he was still alive. In his family, everybody looked down and disliked him. He pretended that he didn't need anyone to care about him, but in fact he needed. Finally, once he found that even in his birthday, no one tried to talk with him, not to mention congratulations or birthday cakes... In the end of his birthday, he killed himself.

    "What a heartbreaking story! Thomas, I know your feeling! If you need love, I say, I love you! It's definitely true because I never lie. You can directly feel my heart, see? Okay, your birthday hasn't been terminated, it's just belated. Let's celebrate your birthday together right now!"

    Chyo-Yue embraces the ghost into her chest, her gentle heart warms the ghost's pitiful soul. Chyo-Yue's legs carry the birthday cake came out from the ghost's heart and dance. They begin to sing the song.

    "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to dear Thomas, happy birthday to you~"

2018年7月27日 星期五

149 A Peaceful Afternoon

About Huang Kai-Lin (Catherine van Geel, witch White Rabbit), please read

    One of witch White Rabbit's multiple selves has her own boyfriend. When she dated him once in an peaceful afternoon, White Rabbit detached her head and disintegrated her personality. Her head was placed on the windowsill, and her headless body sat aside silently.

    Witch White Rabbit left words to her boyfriend by magic:

    My dear, I had disintegrated myself. I set my parts to be owned by you, so only you whom are allowed for manipulating my parts. Please reassemble my head with my body, and I will come to live again in your hands. I can be deemed as if I don't exist in such a condition, so... Hey! You have the chance of creating me! >< I really wanna enjoying the feeling of being created by you, so do you? Let me be your rabbit forever!

2018年7月22日 星期日

148 Super Model Ayase

About Ayase:
Alisa & Siren (& Black Cat):

    Ayase is a mighty exorcist, but she's not just a exorcist. Actually she is famous as a popular fashion model.

    Compare to her best friend Black Cat, Ayase is taller and slimmer. Her limbs are longer and thinner. Black Cat's legs, Alisa and Siren also like Ayase, they will always cheer on Ayase. But--

    Black Cat:" Well, my little partners, why do you show my weakness in front of Ayase... She has more good-looking legs than you two!"

2018年7月18日 星期三

147 Cats & Jack

Witch Black Cat:
Jack and Black Cat's black cat:

    One day, Black Cat went out to the street with Jack, and their friends saw them.

    "Wow, are you dating?"
    "What? No, no way, definitely I won't date Jack. Well, I just come here together with him because both of us wanna come here."
    "Really? But you have dressed up yourself like a normal girl does and don't wear your witch suit. Isn't it true that you dress yourself for the date?"
    "Well, well... I... Okay, you totally misunderstand. I let myself to be Huang Ru-Jun right now, so I am not the witch Black Cat, surely I don't wear my... the witch suit. Get it?"
    "You are in your Huang Ru-Jun mode? Surprisingly, humph. Although I don't... Well. Anyway, have your nice day, bye!"

2018年7月16日 星期一

146b The Forbidden Zone (II)

Previous episode:

    When Mei-Xian awoke again-- more precisely, her body parts got activated again, she was in an unimaginable big trouble. Her head was separated from her body, and her body had been turned into 'Huang mode'. That means, despite she was still Li Mei-Xian, but her body belonged to the ancient Huang family while she knew nothing about them. Her body was put into another reality, and the new reality converted her body, but her ego and identity belonged to the original reality.

    It was very terrible, Mei-Xian's ego didn't consist with her own body, but it was still her body. The Tai-Chi of her body was altered, and her body was dressed like if she was Huang from the beginning. The resentments and desires of the extinguished ancient Huang family winded around Mei-Xian's body. Those things needed a living one to carry them. They went into Mei-Xian's body and came out from it.

    Although Mei-Xian's brain recorded all of her original memory such that she knew she was Li, but her body behaved like she was born in the Hunag family and had nothing to do with Li. Her body came to her head and lifted it. The body was going to lead the head to create a new identity for replacing the old one in her brain again. It tried to attach the head back to its neck. When they were re-integrated, Mei-Xian would be Huang forever...

    At that moment, Mei-Xian's body was stuck because of being overloaded. It lacked one gear (the gear of Li) and should not be put into running originally, but the spiritual force of the Huang family forced it to run. Finally, the body came to its limit and self-disintegrated.

    Well, even Mei-Xian herself doesn't know how did she come back from the nightmare. Maybe her gear of Li reunited all her parts on its own? Who knows. Anyway, Mei-Xian is in here, the original reality right now, and her Huang version was left 'there'.

    However, Mei-Xian doesn't turn a blind eye on 'there' and deny her another version. She knows that does exist. She won't give up and stay in a safe place forever. When she has prepared enough, she will go to the forbidden zone again. Nothing venture, nothing gain.

2018年7月15日 星期日

146a The Forbidden Zone (I)

This story follows 137 "Search For Imperfection":

    Mei-Xian doesn't want herself to be perfect, she needs to experience anything about all of herself, even it may bring pain, shame, internal conflict or sadness to her. However, she couldn't find the way to experience her Huang. To break through obstacles, Mei-Xian turned back to do the basic and thorough research on herself. She projected her ego out of her as Mei-Ling such that she could 'do something' to herself.  Mei-Ling assumed her original self as a machine by surreal means, then she disintegrated her own internal composition from outside.

    Mei-Ling damaged herself by activating negative spiritual items (like vanity, jealousy, greed, vulgarity...) for break her perfection. It didn't last long because herself would be fixed together with her perfection automatically, but that's enough. Her internal elements would be disassociated such that she could take them out of herself for a while. They were in the shape of machine parts. Mei-Ling seized her internal parts and tried to reforge them for awakening her Huang part by part. However, soon she found that the central dogma of her existence had been rewritten without acknowledging herself. In short, Mei-Xian's Huang came from her mother, Huang Chun-Xiang, so she has to access her Huang through her mother, but her metaphysical link to her mother was frozen.

    Mei-Xian was so astonished. No one can 're-code' her existence to freeze the surreal link between her and her mother except her mother, and her mother was gone (of course, Mei-Xian doesn't know anything about Jin Chyo-Yue). So, Mei-Xian was stopped here?

    No, no way. Mei-Xian always needs and will accept all of herself, no matter good or bad. If she can't access her Huang through her mother, why doesn't she try another way through her other ancestors? Even her mother's Huang was given by her mother's parents.

    Normally Mei-Xian can't link her existence to Chun-Xiang's parents or ancestors directly since Chun-Xiang was expelled by the ancient Huang family. That means Mei-Xian hadn't been spiritually recognized as one of descendants of the Huang family. Also, Chun-Xiang hadn't told Mei-Xian anything about the Huang family when she was alive. However, the existence of the ancient Huang family is still significant in Taoyundao nowaday even the family was extinguished. Mei-Xian obtained an amulet from the ancient Huang family which still kept weak spiritual existence of Huang, and she made a magical mask for embodying that spiritual existence. Then Mei-Xian deactivated her head for ceasing her identity as a Li which was running in her brain and installed the mask on her body. The mask simulated her ancestors of the ancient Huang family, then it began to search and take over Mei-Xian's Huang.

    'Pia~' The mask forced Mei-Xian's body to open, and it manipulated Mei-Xian's Hunag to kick out Mei-Xian's Li. Mei-Xian's Li was compressed into a gear, and that gear was thrown away from the hole in Mei-Xian's central body. The running of Mei-Xian was stopped...


2018年6月23日 星期六

145 Ayase: How To Use

This story fellows "129 Ayase: From Aragaki To Oumae":
And the "adult version" of Ayase comes from this series "Afternoon Talk":
Previous story:

    When Ayase is Oumae Ayase, she can't activate her power of blessed legs and faithful spirit such that she isn't useful; when Ayase is Aragaki Ayase, the Oumae family can't take use of Ayase at any rate since she is a extreme religious exorcist and will fight for her traditional Catholic beliefs. The Christian beliefs of the Oumae family are twisted and monstrous, they are surely enemies to Aragaki Ayase if she can know the truth of the Oumae family. It was really a problem for the Oumae family till they invented  the way of taking use of Ayase. The way is "do not use Aragaki Ayase in a whole".

    The Oumae enchanted on Ayase's body when she was Oumae Ayase, then let her go home and turn back to be Aragaki Ayase. Later, when Aragaki Ayase was sleeping, they activated the magic for separated Ayase's blessed legs from her body. The Oumae family installed a monstrous Oumae cross onto blessed legs as soon as possible for solidifying their stasus. An Oni mask once owned by Amakusa Shiro was set on the cross as the core of the entire system. The ultimate automatic weapon of the Oumae family was born, it was named as "the Punisher".

    Mostly the Oumae family members are chased by Christian exorcists and battle priests, and the Punisher is very effective in fighting them. The blessed legs are filled with religious power, and the monstrous cross will extract the power and twist it. Finally the Oni mask which carries Amakusa Shiro's animosity will lead that power to attack those exorcists' beliefs.

    The Punisher was sent to an allied witch for guarding her. The witch was attacked by exorcists and got wounded. She was trying to repair her body on her own and she couldn't protect herself in that moment since she had taken herself apart. If an exorcist has been hit by the Punisher's power, her/his faith will be twisted, then her/his religious power can't work well. In some extraordinary cases, a portion of their beliefs were even "Oumaelized" and turned to against themselves inside their hearts.

    The Oumae family also tried to take use of Ayase's other parts. They made a snake-like lower half to substitute for Ayase's legs. That snake-like part came from a demigod caught by Oumae family, so it also could strengthen surreal power of Ayase's upper half. When Ayase was in such status, she would be called as "the Prayer".

    Aragaki Ayase was well acquainted with many mighty exorcists. When she is in "the Prayer" configuration, she will project her knowledge about an exorcist out of her mind and embody it into the virtual image of parts of that exorcist. The embodiment is actually linked to that exorcist's body in the surreal way. So, Ayase can transmit spiritual power into the exorcist's body slightly by praying for her/him. The spiritual defense of the exorcist's body will not resist Ayase's power because it's Christian power to her/his body. Therefore, that power can be implanted into the mighty exorcist's body and station there. It's a curse which was disguised as a blessing.

    Today, Ayase's power is sneaking into Mari's lower half. Mari is one of the strongest exorcists, and she is actually a lesbian. Mari denied her nature, but she couldn't entirely suppress her sexual desires from her lower half. So, this time Ayase's power is going to cause chaos between Mari's beliefs (upper body) and desires (lower body)...

2018年6月6日 星期三

224 Petlization

    Witch Michiko didn't have close friends, she often felt lonely. One day, she got an idea. " If I need a close friend, can't I make one for myself?"

    So, Michiko tried to make a partner out of herself. She redefined her body parts, seperated her head and body, and moved her core existence to her headless body. Then, Michiko transformed her head into a surreal being. It became her pet.

    Functions of Michiko's head still work to Michiko, but the head itself became an independent pet. Michiko named it as Adama-chan ("Headdy"), she loves Adama-chan very much. Lives with Adama-chan, Michiko won't feel lonely anymore.

2018年6月4日 星期一

924 Little World

    Little World looks like a common girl, but there is a surreal little world which exists in her internal. If you want to enter her world, you can ask her to embody the gate on her surface.

    Little world can't accept the whole you. You can just put the spiritual or virtual parts of you into her, like your emotions, your affections, your heart, or your soul. For example, if you put your soul into her, your physical body will be turned into a biological robot. For your good, it will be better to admit someone you trust in as the master of your body before your soul goes into Little World, or your robotic body may be manipulated by malicious guys even if you have the most capable brain.

    When your soul is rambling inside Little World, it can explore that small but fantastic world. It always deserves you to take a trip there.

2018年6月3日 星期日

144 Artistic Yoga

About Miss Yoga:

    An female artist was very frustrated because of lacking of creativity. She almost wanted to kill herself. In her darkest moment, Miss Yoga came to her. Miss Yoga placed the artist's heart into Miss Yoga's body and began to perform her hardest yoga.

    Keep every thing in balance, yes, every thing. Every part of body, mind, spirit and soul. Your parts can go anywhere, exist everywhere, and do yoga here and there. Don't limit them, don't be afraid of them, you are still yourself while you aren't your previous self.

    The artist's heart was blooming from Miss Yoga's body, and she would be the most talented creator of Taoyundao later.

2018年5月30日 星期三

818 Mahou Shoujo: Intermediate State

About mahou shoujo (magical girl), please read

    Being a mahou shoujo, sometimes there will be additional benefits. Wang Tsai-Fen (王 采芬) is such a mahou shoujo.

    Tsai-Fen likes tropical fishes very much, but she can't swim and isn't dare to dive. Before she made her contract of being a mahou shoujo, she just could look images of tropical fishes in books and feel depressed. Now she got her way for looking tropical fishes in the sea by taking advantage of the so-called "intermediate state".

    When a mahou shoujo calls out her magical wand and doesn't hold it to transform herself yet, she is just in her intermediate state. She isn't a normal girl in that moment since her wand is coming out of her body (and usually her head has been separated from her body), and she also isn't a mahou shoujo before her transformation. Her contract is waiting for setting properties of her body parts. That's the intermediate state, neither a human girl nor a mahou shoujo.

    Normally a mahou shoujo will avoid putting herself in the intermediate state too long. It's somehow danger since her properties haven't been determined, and the enemy may interfere the constructing of properties of her parts. But Tsai-Fen acts in a diametrically opposite way. When she jumps into the sea, she will leave herself in the intermediate state as long as possible.

    She calls out her wand but doesn't draw out it. In that moment, her contract doesn't determine how do her body parts shall be, for example, the necessary of breath for her body. Of course, Tsai-Fen can't "use" her body in such a state, but she can stay there with lovable tropical fishes quietly. It's Tsai-Fen's ultimate happiness.

    " Wow~ The fish is kissing my wand. I feel something is flowing into me, how amazing, hehehe XD"

2018年5月29日 星期二

518 Magical Android: Man-Made Warrior

About magical androids, please read:

    Ritsu(律, "the law") is a cute girl, and she also is a man-made warrior. Her master created her for fighting evil supernatural beings (another artificial warrior: https://taoyundao.blogspot.com/2016/06/508-magical-android-demons-demon-slayer.html).

    As a powerful magical android, Ritsu really loves her mighty body. She fells that she can do anything with her body.

    She also has to receive training on taking use of her sophisticated body. For example, she is trying to stretch out her head by elongating her neck as best as she can. This skill can help her for detecting the enemy in the battlefield.

    However, despite Ritsu has a great body, she isn't a talented one. Sometimes Ritsu may hurt herself and make her body malfunctioned.

    But if you talk about willpower, Ritsu shall be the best. She is so determined and devotional. Her enemy may defeat her, disintegrate her beloved body and show pieces of her powerful parts to her for dissing her, she still will never bend her will.

    Ritsu is a true warrior!